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"Dear Tamara,

Thank you so much, I've never done anything like this before. I really enjoyed talking to you. Thanks for your patience. Your reports were very detailed and full of information. They were right on the mark, they also explained why some people react and say the things they do.

At least now I know where my weaknesses are and how to use my strengths to compensate. Your reports were truly emazing! Thanks again. You've helped more than you know with a situation that has been occupying most of my time and energy"

Suzanne Wilcoxon
Gary, Indiana

"The chart you provided me with is framed and hanging on my wall as an advertisement for your business. I have been a "traditional" (no computer help") astrologer for the past sixteen years in addition to many other Spiritual/Metaphysical disciplines over the same course of time. I knew of the power in cyberspace but have been spending more time in InnerSpace until recently. Your chart work is magnificent!!!! It is my pleasure to refer any overload of clients to you and your site for resolution... I am a Big Fan of yours!!!"

Have a Diamond Day
"Soaring Two Eagles" aka
Frederick S.

"Tamara, I enjoyed reading your web page. It was very appealing with its professional presentation and content. Your expertise in the field of Astrology was very evident from the information I gathered from this page. I was sold on your product and am very glad I ordered your reports."

New York, NY

"I must say the reports, especially the Compatibility Report, were outstanding. It has been very helpfull to both myself and Sunday. You help me see patterns that I was not conscious of. Now I know how she feels and she knows how I feel. It has brought us together from our hearts and we appreciate each other even more.

It would be great if you can send me some literature or business cards of yours, so I can share this experience with a lot of our customers.

Thank you so much and I will keep in touch. Tell me the time frame to repeat the reports. If you can put me on your calendar for reminder, I will appreciate it."

Love always,
Columbus, GA

"I got my reports a couple of days ago, and I have to tell you they were really good. I was amazed to see how accurate they were, especially the compatibility report. Thanks a lot, and I hope your banner on my site will give you a lot of business."


"Awesome site ladies. Going to explore some more on your site. Your prices are really reasonable! I'm sure I'll become a regular client. Wow! I can get my reports right now online... that's great."

New York

"I know there are a lot of people out here looking for answers to a lot of questions, and there's a lot of people in need of Spirituality of some kind or another. Thanks for being there!"


"Thank you sooooo much! :-) I am going to redesign my web page with a new section, Notable, and will keep your link there forever. Thanks again!"

The Widening Gyre

"I must admit the one report (Day by Day Horoscope) indicated I would not have a good day today (while the newspaper one had 5 stars excellent day). I scheduled off work, in anticipation, then went to work and then came home early….. I would not have been able to do that if I had not read your report and acted accordingly by scheduling off. I trust your report much more!!!!!! Things really were not turning out well at work so I was glad I could leave."


"Hi There, Thanks for the chart, the reading was fantastic. Thanks once again for the fantastic reading, it made me very happy and just confirmed what the two of us instinctively knew."

With regards,

"Thank you for providing free natal charts. I’m sure the demand for anything free can be overwhelming. I am a beginning astrology student and really appreciate your free service. Again thank you."



Thank you! I did enjoy your reports. They're wonderful! Thanks again. I'm spreading the good word about your reports! I don't know how you did them so fast... and so much !!! but I'm glad you did."

Yonkers, NY

"I stopped smoking with your Stop Smoking oil several weeks ago. The astrology reports were magnificient."


"Dear Tamara,

Your pages are breathtakingly lovely. I have never seen such qualily, organization of content and ease of use. As a professional advertising/marketing executive, I wish to congratulate you on your pages and links. My wife and I are placing substantial orders with you today."

Richard Simpson,
St. Petersburg, FL

"Dear Tamara,

I learned about your services through a friend. Upon seeing how detailed they were I requested my own reports from your web site. Your service has exceeded anything that I have been able to produce for myself in the past, and I am very impressed. I can see that I am going to learn a great deal about astrology just from reading the reports."

Thank You
Fresno, CA

"Dear Tamara,

Cool stuff! I love learning something new, and learning more about myself. We just got our computer upgraded ~early winter, and already, I'm hooked! There are so many informative, wonderful pages out there, and your efforts are appreciated!"

Blessed Be,
Becky Mulder

"Dear Tamara,

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the reports that you did for Alex and I. I really enjoyed the reports, and they have been a great help to me in answering some of my questions. It has made Alex see that he needs to calm down his anger and cool down his temper. Thanks! "

Yours Truly

"I am new to the Internet and just browsing the Aromatherapy topics. I like the fact that your Home Page is simple to understand and looks very peaceful! :-) "


"Tamara, I just printed out my personality profile and it all looks great. I found your page by searching through Excite. You were among the first ten pages listed. Good job! I was wondering if I could get a graphic in color of my chart? Thank you very much."


"I received the reports today, since I am at work right now, I haven’t finished reading them all but they look really good! Also, I would like to also order the 6 Month Future Forecast and Advanced Natal & Personality Profile on Allen. Thanks again for your prompt response."


"Om Shanti. Light, love and peace. Success in doing astrology to help people know and help themselves."


"The aromatherapy blends sound great, please include them. Thank you for this, I mean beyond the money that exchanges hands, I appreciate it!"


"The anxiety oil has helped me so much. Here is my 2nd order. I am so thankful to have found you, where I live there is no place to purchase essential oils."


"Thank you for the wonderful job you did. I have looked over your catalog and I have seen several things I would like."

Brightest Blessings

"Thank you for having free Natal charts for new learners like me to start out with."


"I am a junior in college. I attend Wilberforce University. I have been interested in horoscopes since Elementary school. I think you having the horoscope on the Netscape is pretty . . . cool !!! Please keep up the good work."

Key of the Virgo !!!

"I love the fact that you offer free natal charts. Please update me on new items!"

Stephanie Place

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